eQuaLearn Celebrates First Anniversary


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eQuaLearn Celebrates First Anniversary

15 April 2009

On April 15, eQuaLearn will celebrate its’ first anniversary. Here are some eQuaLearn milestones:

eQuaLearn Website

The eQuaLearn website has been launched. As well as an online course booking system, the site can be customized for individual company use, acting as a central resource for all training – not just eQuaLearn courses.

Popular Classes

Over 1,000 individuals took eQuaLearn training classes in 2008 with 97% advising that the course they attended was extremely effective, very effective or effective in helping them to acquire new skills.

eQuaLearn Membership

Many organizations have become eQuaLearn members including Goodrich Corporation, Honeywell Aerospace, Rolls-Royce Corp and Spirit Aerospace.