Honeywell Transitions Aluminum Alloys SCA Exams to eQuaLified


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Honeywell Transitions Aluminum Alloys SCA Exams to eQuaLified

15 June 2016

Honeywell has announced the transition of their aluminum alloys Source Certifying Agent (SCA) examinations to the new PRI eQuaLified industry examinations for the heat treatment of aluminum alloys. Within the Honeywell supply chain, SCAs are special process experts responsible for shop floor level process control and management. This transition will affect all Heat Treatment/Aluminum SCAs: those seeking a new certification and those seeking recertification. In a further change to current practice, Honeywell has decided to leverage the eQuaLified industry-developed Pyrometry examinations and has made the Pyrometry Process Planner examination a pre-requisite for the Aluminum Alloys examinations.

The move to eQuaLified industry-managed examinations continues Honeywell’s long-standing commitment to the eQuaLified program.  The Aluminum Alloys examinations will be the first of many of the SCA examinations to transition in the future.

An added benefit to those seeking Honeywell SCA approval is the ability to use the eQuaLified Bodies of Knowledge as a means of examination preparation. The eQuaLified Bodies of Knowledge (BoKs) have been developed by aerospace industry heat treatment experts who are participants in the eQuaLified program including GE Aviation, Honeywell, Rolls Royce, and Solar Atmospheres. The BoKs are documents that include the baseline knowledge and experience required to be considered competent for a target position. They are free of charge and are publicly available on the eQuaLified BoK webpage. They offer a more formal, structured approach to examination preparation.

Laurie Strom, Director of Materials and Process Engineering at Honeywell, is currently serving as the eQuaLified Management Council Chairperson. She explains, “For many years, Honeywell has been independently certifying special process experts in-house and throughout the supply chain. We consider this a critical step in ensuring product quality.”  By transitioning to an industry-managed approach via eQuaLified, Honeywell – and the other program participants – benefit from a broader range of knowledge and experience, resulting in a more robust knowledge management and examination system, as well as cost savings through shared program administration. The principle of industry collaborating on an issue key to quality is similar to the approach taken by standards writing organizations and the Nadcap program, which has benefitted the aerospace industry for more than twenty-five years.

To learn more about eQuaLified, please contact or visit the eQuaLified webpages.