Nadcap Document Transition


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Nadcap Document Transition

20 April 2015

Effective April 19, 2015, the Nadcap document structure has changed. The Nadcap Management Council (NMC) made the decision, with the approval of the PRI Board of Directors, to cancel AS 7003 as the controlling document of the Nadcap Program and to replace it with PD 1100 (Program Document 1100 Nadcap Program Requirements). Unlike AS 7003, PD 1100 will be controlled by the NMC, allowing the industry stakeholders with the most invested in the Nadcap program greater influence over it.  PD 1100 is a policy level document defining the Nadcap program, and is comprised of requirements from the former AS 7003, NOP-001, NOP-002 and PD 3000 documents.

In conjunction with this action, the supporting procedures were reorganized and the PRI Quality Manual was eliminated.

The former Nadcap Operating Procedures (NOPs), Nadcap Task Group Operating Procedures (NTGOPs) and Nadcap Internal Procedures (NIPs) were reorganized into Operating Procedures numbered OP 11XX; where XX are numbers from 01 to 23. As much as possible, the new OPs follow a process methodology and were created by cutting and pasting the existing requirements into the new OPs in order to minimize the impact on the Nadcap program and the audit and accreditation process.

Editorial changes were made to forms and audit criteria to update procedure references.

The new Program Document PD 1100 and Operating Procedures are located in eAuditNet under Resources\Documents\Procedures and Forms\Operating Procedures. The obsolete NOPs, NTGOPs and NIPs are being maintained for 90 days in Resources\Documents\Procedures and Forms\Obsolete Procedures as a reference only to aid in the transition process.

A table called Document Transition Reference has been provided in eAuditNet as a guide showing the relationship between the old and new procedures. You are encouraged to review this table and the new Operating Procedures to ensure that the changes are clear and any impact on your activity is minimized.

During the reorganization activity, it became apparent that there was an opportunity to remove redundancies, standardize terminology, improve clarity and flow, and streamline requirements in the resultant Operating Procedures. Throughout the remainder of the year the document transition team will be working on this as a phase 2 transition activity. Technical changes made as a result of this activity will be balloted according to the standard balloting process.

In addition, the NUCAP program merged with the Nadcap Program. Instead of NUCAP, Subscribers will now be able to obtain Nadcap accreditation under Subscriber accreditation Options A and B. The Subscriber audit process will be managed by the Subscriber Accreditation Committee formerly known as NuMC. NUCAP documents PD3000 and PD3001 were transitioned to OP 11XX as well. The Subscriber Option B HQ audit checklist (PD3100) was changed into a Nadcap Audit Criteria numbered AC 7008.

If you have any questions about the document transition please contact Bob Lizewski, Manager, Nadcap Quality and NUCAP at