Nadcap Meeting Update


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Nadcap Meeting Update

06 January 2015

At the last Nadcap meeting, the following recognition awards were presented:

  • For contribution and work on the Nadcap Management Council (NMC):  Christian Buck – SAFRAN Group
  • For service as Metrics Committee Chair and contribution and work on the NMC: Bob Bodemuller – Ball Aerospace & Technology Corp.
  • For contribution and work on the Aerospace Quality Systems (AQS) Task Group: Patrice Bleau – Bombardier Aerospace
  • In recognition of service as Chairperson of the Materials Testing Laboratories (MTL) Task Group: Tim Myers – Honeywell Aerospace
  •  In recognition of service as Chairperson of the Nonconventional Machining & Surface Enhancement (NMSE) Task Group: Alex Pohoata – Honeywell Aerospace

In keeping with the original spirit and purpose of the Nadcap program, all Nadcap meetings and related activities are conducted for the benefit of the aerospace industry as a whole. There are many advantages to participating in a Nadcap meeting, such as:

  •  Learning about and participating in Task Group activities such as checklist development
  • Attending Nadcap Management Council (NMC) and Supplier Support Committee (SSC) meetings to learn about current activities in the Nadcap community and sub-team initiatives
  • Networking with other delegates including aerospace Prime contractors, Suppliers and PRI staff
  • Benefiting from free eQuaLearn training such as Root Cause Corrective Action, How to Prepare for a Nadcap Audit and Introduction to Pyrometry

The next Nadcap meeting takes place in Berlin, Germany (2 – 6 March 2015). Learn more at