Nadcap Supplier Support Committee appoints new Chairperson


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Nadcap Supplier Support Committee appoints new Chairperson

24 April 2014

The Supplier Support Committee (SSC) is pleased to announce that Thomas Newton of Aircraft X-ray Laboratories Inc. (AXL) has become the new SSC Chairperson. Tom plans to continue to ensure the Nadcap program works for the benefit of Suppliers as well as Subscribers. Tom has taken over this role from Eric Jacklin of F.M. Callahan & Son Inc. who has now become the new Past Chair Advisor.

Tom became involved with the SSC in 2011. Recognizing the value in being an active Supplier in the Nadcap program, Tom volunteered to participate in the Flow Down sub-team in 2011 and was later asked to serve as the Flow Down sub-team lead in 2013. During this time, Tom has worked hard to ensure that Flow Down remains a visible issue within the Nadcap program. In particular, Tom took the lead in creating a standardized Flow Down Checklist which is currently in draft format and being reviewed by industry.

When asked what he intends to do as SSC Chairperson, Tom explained “My first challenge will relate to the recent Nadcap Supplier Survey. We have a strong team established to review Supplier feedback on the Nadcap program as a whole. However, we are also focusing on how the SSC is doing. Unquestionably, my predecessors have worked hard and effectively to ensure the SSC can support the Suppliers’ needs. This survey will give the Leadership Team direction on the work we still need to do. On other fronts, Flow Down will continue to be a priority, and I’m excited about the renewed energy surrounding the Mentoring Program. I’m looking forward to working with the SSC Leadership Team and the Nadcap Management Council to provide the very best in support, communication and advocacy for the Nadcap Supplier community,”